So What’s New In May?

Hey, hey, hey. May 1st has come and gone and those who have promised them­selves to Reboot were either suc­cess­ful, or behind. One of the sites I’m curi­ously await­ing to check out is Bryan Veloso’s new ren­di­tion of Aval­on­Star.

So what the heck am I doing this early in the morn­ing? I can’t damn sleep, and have been try­ing to fig­ure out how to orga­nize my shiznit a bit bet­ter. I have too much stuff going on (as usual), and need to com­plete tasks I have set in my to-do list. But it seems that that list just keeps get­ting big­ger and wider (in terms of those URL-bookmarks).

Any­ways, just wanted to catch-up with this writing-thingy-majig. Maybe some­one out there can help orga­nize things with some cool advise and/or refer­ral gift =)

Speak­ing of which, here’s some cool things that have inter­ested me in the past cou­ple of days: 

  • Mac­Book Pro — yeah, I’m a “switch-hitter” now
  • Text­Mate Basic Tuto­ri­als — this will prob­a­bly change my devel­op­ment work­flow for work and on-the-side
  • Com­pil­ing new “points of inspi­ra­tion” from the Reboot-ed sites, new and old
  • … and the list goes on—but it seems that I should be catch­ing some Zs now as I hear some people’s alarm clock going off; at least I think I’m hear­ing it

From my mind to yours, keep learning.

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