Seems that BART went out of ser­vice tonight. I was walk­ing towards the Trans­bay Termnial when I saw a long line going all the way out of it. You can tell that they needed tick­ets or some­thing of that sort. Thank God I didn’t for­get my pass today or I would’ve totally been there all night.

It’s weird though… I guess they all didn’t have any change to pay the fare—in the bus. It just goes to show that every­one don’t carry cash any­more. Any­ways, BART is all about safety. Though it caused a lot of peo­ple some grief and delays on their way home, we just gotta be glad that there are other ways out to the East Bay. arti­cle about the halt

(03–29) 18:55 PST SAN FRANCISCOBART ser­vice is resum­ing after a nearly 90-minute shut­down caused by a com­puter net­work­ing problem.

BART stopped reg­u­lar ser­vice after the prob­lem hit at 5:27 p.m., mov­ing all trains under man­ual con­trol to the near­est sta­tion. Sys­tem offi­cials said trains had resumed about 6:50 p.m.

BART spokesman Lin­ton John­son said the prob­lem was dif­fer­ent from the soft­ware glitch that plagued the sys­tem Tues­day, but had the same effect — a ser­vice shutdown. 

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