An Intel-ligent Apple

Seems that Apple is going to drop & stop (shut ‘em down open up…) using IBM’s Pow­erPC proces­sors for Intel chips. I Never thought I will see the day were I might actu­ally like an Apple prod­uct (other than my iPod Photo). With this scheme, you can dual-boot with either Mac OS or WinXP—pretty sweet if you ask me.

How­ever, I’ll pro­lly be just using the Mac OS when I’m away from my com­puter. Pro­lly just put on the Screen­saver from the mac. It kicks ass ver­sus the default Mys­tify screen­saver on WinXP. Man oh man… other than the screen­saver and mac’s cool nav­i­ga­tion effects, that’s all I can stand from it.

Oh well, if you’d like to get more tid­bits, click here.

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