Art Inspired by Cars

Two typog­ra­phers ( Pierre & Damien / plmd.me ) and a pro race pilot (Stef van Camp­en­houdt) col­lab­o­rat­ed to design a font with a car.
The car move­ments were tracked using a cus­tom soft­ware, designed by inter­ac­tive artist Zachary Lieber­man. ( openframeworks.cc )

Here’s the video, When Dri­ving Becomes Writ­ing (iQ Font: The Mak­ing Of).

YouTube Preview Image

I recall BMW doing some­thing like it, but with paint. Here’s the video they released for the Z4.

YouTube Preview Image

Mean­while, you may down­load the iQ font here. You may also click on the fol­low­ing thumb­nails to view the results:

Typography of “LOVE” by Robert Indiana

With all the cur­rent ini­tia­tives of get­ting peo­ple to go out and vote for this upcom­ing Novem­ber, I got an idea for anoth­er DIY project. Think­ing of inspi­ra­tion, I hap­pen to like how the “LOVE” sculp­ture by Robert Indi­ana stuck out. One of the tasks I need­ed to get me start­ed with the project was to find the type used for it.

After a while, I found a post in the Typophile forums which for­tu­nate­ly was the same sub­ject as my quest. From this, it seems that Claren­don Black is a good start­ing point. Though close, some tweak­ing will still have to be done by hand.

Any­ways, that’s one task down. I’m just hop­ing I can fin­ish the project weeks before Novem­ber. It’ll be a nice Design work­out.

PS. Here’s a poster of Robert Indi­ana’s “LOVE” sculp­ture in NYC if you are dig­ging it for your digs: