Typography of “LOVE” by Robert Indiana

With all the current initiatives of getting people to go out and vote for this upcoming November, I got an idea for another DIY project. Thinking of inspiration, I happen to like how the “LOVE” sculpture by Robert Indiana stuck out. One of the tasks I needed to get me started with the project was to find the type used for it.

After a while, I found a post in the Typophile forums which fortunately was the same subject as my quest. From this, it seems that Clarendon Black is a good starting point. Though close, some tweaking will still have to be done by hand.

Anyways, that’s one task down. I’m just hoping I can finish the project weeks before November. It’ll be a nice Design workout.

PS. Here’s a poster of Robert Indiana’s “LOVE” sculpture in NYC if you are digging it for your digs: