Thank God it’s mid-November

After a few weeks off from work to vis­it and expe­ri­ence Japan with an awe­some bunch of friends, things have picked up both at work and at home. Don’t you just like it when you come back to work and you receive over 400 emails? Besides try­ing to find the time to do laun­dry and pro­cess­ing the pho­tos I’ve tak­en from the trip, I’m still try­ing to not think about Japan too much. But when you very much enjoyed an expe­ri­ence, it’s hard not to rem­i­nisce and reply all the fun stuff that you did. The thing I miss the most would prob­a­bly be the food. Oh man… the food!

Any­ways, besides try­ing to process and upload pho­tos, clean my room, do laun­dry, etc. I’m try­ing to get ready in sell­ing or tran­si­tion­ing my Accord to Gab­by. Its lease is up ear­ly Decem­ber. I did­n’t know what to do, whether to buy it out from Hon­da, return it or get a new car/SUV. I’ve tak­en great care of it and vice-ver­sa. So what bet­ter way to let go of it than to have some­one you know take over. This way, you feel at ease see­ing some­thing sen­ti­men­tal be tak­en care of by some­one who appre­ci­ates it. Well, I hope things go as plan so I may get a new one soon—I’m think­ing of the Pilot. What you think? See me rollin’ in one?

I think it’s a good invest­ment if I get one as I don’t dri­ve that much dur­ing the week­days so I save on gas and mileage. That, and I’ll be able to go up the moun­tain a bit eas­i­er this upcom­ing sea­son, which I hope will be a good one. Any­ways, time to do some catch­ing up. I’ll leave you with a bless­ing that my aunt (from Nor­walk) sent me this morn­ing:

May today there be peace with­in.
May you trust God that you are exact­ly where you are meant to be.
May you not for­get the infi­nite pos­si­bil­i­ties that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love
that has been giv­en to you….
May you be con­tent know­ing you are a child of God…
Let His pres­ence set­tle into your bones, and allow your soul the free­dom
to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.

God Bless You All!

So Which Should Come First, the Laptop or the Desktop?

It’s been a great year for lap­tops I’d say. After send­ing ginor­mous rip­ples through­out the tech-world with Apple announc­ing that its going to be con­sum­ing some Intel baked goods, com­put­er enthu­si­asts looked more close­ly at the prac­ti­cal idea of buy­ing a Mac.

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CSS Reboot Spring 2006 Slowly But Surely

Despite the slow start and serv­er issues that Adam had to deal with over at CSSReboot.com, the Spring 2006 CSS Reboot has final­ly com­menced! Things are final­ly look­ing on the up-and-up with about 1470 Reboot­ers push­ing the but­ton to show the world their pride and joy. There’s actu­al­ly 1471, but I won’t be par­tic­i­pat­ing this time due to oth­er projects that took most of the time this past month. There’s always Fall, not to men­tion, being a spec­ta­tor is fun by itself. It’s pret­ty much infor­ma­tion over­load with all the lat­est and new tech­niques being show­cased. Not to men­tion, it great inspi­ra­tion for those of us need­ing it once and a while.

Any­ways, there a lot of sites to con­sume. Lots and lots of eye can­dy, and food for thought. Sor­ry, I’m a bit exd. If you want to know how this feels, it’s like being the first-in-line for the new Jor­dan’s.

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WTF Used Drugs?

Well, I’ve been sick the past two weeks. I’ve been cough­ing and all that oth­er nasty stuff that comes with it. This past week­end, I was­n’t even able to get out of the house. I pret­ty much stayed in my room and just coughed my lungs out. Oh what great fun it was?!

Any­ways, giv­en the fact that I picked the High-Val­ue PPO for my med­ical when I came in to work at the Bay last April ’05 (and the fact that I haven’t got­ten sick till now), my pri­ma­ry physi­cian is in LA. So, after call­ing Alame­da Hos­pi­tal for the past two days and email­ing them to help me find a doc­tor that can do a check up on me, Dr. Mom (and side­kick, my aunt) bugged me and told me to just call in to our fam­i­ly doc­tor’s clin­ic.

Fun­ny thing though, my mom called the clin­ic first to set­up some kind of appoint­ment with the admin per­son­els to get the doc­tor free for a bit in order to talk to me. But thats not it yet, my mom told the admin lady that since I’m over here, he (the doc­tor) should just lis­ten to me cough “over the phone” so he can pre­scribe me some med­i­cine. Moms… moms…

Mean­while, I got some prescription—believe it or not. The clin­ic then faxed the order over to the Rite-Aid across the street from work so I can eas­i­ly just pick it up. After fif­teen min­utes or so, I final­ly got the drug for $85. Damn, I hate get­ting sick—you feel like crap and get robbed at the same time.

So, fast for­ward to about a cou­ple of min­utes ago… remem­ber­ing what the phar­ma­cist told me about the dosage of each pre­scrip­tion, I decid­ed to just take every­thing at night before going to bed. Then, the moment of truth came. After tak­ing out the stuff from the paper bag, I thought to myself: “this bet­ter be worth $85, and not get me sick for anoth­er year or so.” Tak­ing one tea­spoon of the cough syrup and a tablet of some aller­gy stuff (seems it’s a sea­son­al thing), I final­ly got to the last item; which was for Bron­chi­tis (I guess).

Care­ful­ly try­ing to open the pack­age, I saw the fol­low­ing:

The quan­ti­ty on the receipt and brochure states that there should be 5 pills. One pill per day. But damn, WTF?!?! This ain’t 5.

Wowsers. Haven’t gone run­ning for days; cough­ing my lungs out; had to pay $85 to get well; and now this. Damn. Ai Dios Mio!

That being that, I just have to write about it and share it. Just remem­ber to check your pre­scrip­tions when you leave the phar­ma­cy so you don’t run into things like this. I nev­er thought it was pos­si­ble for such an over­sight from the phar­ma­cist. They usu­al­ly do dou­ble-check­s/triple-checks so they give you the right stuff.

I’m going to try and wake up real­ly ear­ly to go to the phar­ma­cy and do some­thing about this sit­u­a­tion. Sucks ass. Damn. This is so messed up.

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When You Lose Something Special

So I have been busy these past cou­ple of days. I don’t even think I got out that much dur­ing the week­end, oth­er than to play soft­ball on Sat­ur­day noon. Besides that, it was pret­ty much spend­ing day­light in my room and being deviant with some projects both for work and for free­lance. Any­ways, I just want to share some­thing with you all… I lost some­thing spe­cial to me. Some­thing that has kept me dry at times, as well as kept me safe when I have to walk late at night—my umbrel­la, Tim­ba.

Timbaaa… Nooo…

I got her dur­ing Tim­ber­land’s 40%-off Friend & Fam­i­ly Sale this past year. She was great. She did her job well. It was just unfor­tu­nate to have lost her due to strong 18mph winds blow­ing south-south­west ear­ly tonight.

Any­ways, I just had to do an “obit­u­ary” per­say and share it with the great peo­ple over at Tim­ber­land. Here’s my solemn note:

RE: Mini Vent­ed Arc Umbrel­la

To whom it may con­cern,

This umbrel­la fea­tures a clas­sic, vent­ed arc design that can hold its own (and hold its shape) even in strong winds.”

I real­ly love the com­pact­ness and built, but the winds tonight over at SF test­ed its build,

Pho­to of the umbrel­la

SF’s weath­er fore­cast

I got the umbrel­la through your Fall Friends and Fam­i­ly sale. I was won­der­ing when you guys are gonna have anoth­er one so I can get a hold of a new one. This sucks. Please help. I look for­ward to your reply.

Sher­win “My vent­ed-arc-designed umbrel­la broke”