So Which Should Come First, the Laptop or the Desktop?

It’s been a great year for laptops I’d say. After sending ginormous ripples throughout the tech-world with Apple announcing that its going to be consuming some Intel baked goods, computer enthusiasts looked more closely at the practical idea of buying a Mac.

Well, let me clarify that last statement… more “PC” enthusiasts liked what they heard, that the simple Mac can do their bidding. Anyways, with second quarter almost to a close, I’ve been seeing a lot of deals especially on notebooks. Dell always have them but when you hear IBM/Lenovo have an annual sale to celebrate its first year, you just can’t help but to look at what they’re offering the T42 for 42%-off.

Enticing ain’t it. I mean, its a IBM/Lenovo Centrino laptop. The thing just oozes with great quality and build. But it’s still $1100+. Then again, its an “IBM”, or should I say “Lenovo” now. That, and Ronaldinho seems to like them.

Meanwhile, the Macbook is just sexay but expensive. Not to mention, the need to buy new software. Oh decisions, decisions… One question that keeps bouncing off in my head would be, “will I even use a laptop when I get home?” Granted, I can use it when I’m in the living room downstairs but that just takes away from loungin’ and relaxin’ with the roomies.

Blah. I shouldn’t even be thinking about this. I should be concentrating on getting a good deal on Hawaii tickets in August. Damn. Did I mention, saving up money for Japan (November) and P.I. (December) as well? When will we hit that lotto jackpot? One can hope I guess.

PS. Here’s what Google Trends have to say in terms of the popularity in search of the keywords: desktops, laptops and notebooks.