So Which Should Come First, the Laptop or the Desktop?

It’s been a great year for lap­tops I’d say. After send­ing ginor­mous rip­ples through­out the tech-world with Apple announc­ing that its going to be con­sum­ing some Intel baked goods, com­put­er enthu­si­asts looked more close­ly at the prac­ti­cal idea of buy­ing a Mac.

Well, let me clar­i­fy that last state­ment… more “PC” enthu­si­asts liked what they heard, that the sim­ple Mac can do their bid­ding. Any­ways, with sec­ond quar­ter almost to a close, I’ve been see­ing a lot of deals espe­cial­ly on note­books. Dell always have them but when you hear IBM/Lenovo have an annu­al sale to cel­e­brate its first year, you just can’t help but to look at what they’re offer­ing the T42 for 42%-off.

Entic­ing ain’t it. I mean, its a IBM/Lenovo Cen­tri­no lap­top. The thing just oozes with great qual­i­ty and build. But it’s still $1100+. Then again, its an “IBM”, or should I say “Leno­vo” now. That, and Ronald­in­ho seems to like them.

Mean­while, the Mac­book is just sex­ay but expen­sive. Not to men­tion, the need to buy new soft­ware. Oh deci­sions, deci­sions… One ques­tion that keeps bounc­ing off in my head would be, “will I even use a lap­top when I get home?” Grant­ed, I can use it when I’m in the liv­ing room down­stairs but that just takes away from loun­gin’ and relax­in’ with the roomies.

Blah. I should­n’t even be think­ing about this. I should be con­cen­trat­ing on get­ting a good deal on Hawaii tick­ets in August. Damn. Did I men­tion, sav­ing up mon­ey for Japan (Novem­ber) and P.I. (Decem­ber) as well? When will we hit that lot­to jack­pot? One can hope I guess.

PS. Here’s what Google Trends have to say in terms of the pop­u­lar­i­ty in search of the key­words: desk­tops, lap­tops and note­books.

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