When You Lose Something Special

So I have been busy these past couple of days. I don’t even think I got out that much during the weekend, other than to play softball on Saturday noon. Besides that, it was pretty much spending daylight in my room and being deviant with some projects both for work and for freelance. Anyways, I just want to share something with you all… I lost something special to me. Something that has kept me dry at times, as well as kept me safe when I have to walk late at night—my umbrella, Timba.

Timbaaa… Nooo…

I got her during Timberland‘s 40%-off Friend & Family Sale this past year. She was great. She did her job well. It was just unfortunate to have lost her due to strong 18mph winds blowing south-southwest early tonight.

Anyways, I just had to do an “obituary” persay and share it with the great people over at Timberland. Here’s my solemn note:

RE: Mini Vented Arc Umbrella

To whom it may concern,

“This umbrella features a classic, vented arc design that can hold its own (and hold its shape) even in strong winds.”

I really love the compactness and built, but the winds tonight over at SF tested its build,

Photo of the umbrella

SF’s weather forecast

I got the umbrella through your Fall Friends and Family sale. I was wondering when you guys are gonna have another one so I can get a hold of a new one. This sucks. Please help. I look forward to your reply.

Sherwin “My vented-arc-designed umbrella broke”