Earl the Super Hawaiian

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Awe­some. I was watch­ing Wipe­out and I Sur­vived a Japan­ese Game Show last night when the Super Hawai­ian — Round Table Piz­za Ad came. To my sur­prise, it’s freakin’ the homie Earl from UC Irvine haha.

I was try­ing to con­firm to see if its real­ly him and luck­i­ly found the video above at Youtube. Seems like he got in 2 out of the 5 new ads. Con­grats Earl and GJ!

Oh Schmap’s Guide!

I got a nice notice/Flickr mail from Luke Ritchie (Man­ag­ing Edi­tor, Schmap Guide) let­ting me know that these pho­tos got pub­lished in the 3rd edi­tion of the Schmap SF Guide:

Cob­b’s Com­e­dy Club
IMG 3319
Lori’s Din­er


Merry Christmas!

Anoth­er year where the Hol­i­days just sees a bloom in lights, nativ­i­ty scenes and great, home-cooked meals. It’s bad and good at the same time, in terms of the food that is. You see your calo­ries jump up to an ulti­mate high dur­ing these last weeks of the year. You try not to eat so much but you look at the table and just need to get a munch out of each and one of the spe­cial­ly, pre­pared entrees. And then thats where it hits you, you just con­sumed two rounds worth of a buf­fet meal.

It’s all good though, it makes the cooks hap­py and make them feel sat­is­fied as the hours of work they put in to cook­ing one dish isn’t in vain. But damn, food coma comes next and that is a dif­fer­ent sto­ry on its own. Any­ways, on with the fies­ta in your stom­achs. Mer­ry Christ­mas or Hap­py Chris­ma­hanuk­wan­za­kah!

PS. Go watch Curse of the Gold­en Flower. If you like Hero and/or House of Fly­ing Dag­gers, then It’s def­i­nite­ly worth the full price. That, or if you just want to start your year of with a great movie.

Pudding, The Cream Cheese Filler

So, I got into work this morn­ing only to find out that there was one bagel left in the kitchen. Being glad that there is some­thing to eat oth­er than the numer­ous amount of snacks in the cup­boards, I found out that there was no more cream cheese. This, after the fact that my mighty bagel just toast­ed to per­fec­tion.

What does it feel like? Well, you can com­pare it to a lot of things. Like, going to drop kids off only to find out that there is no more TP.

Mean­while, the McGuyver in me found some pud­ding in my cab­i­net. I was going to use them for snack­ing with Hon­ey-Wheat fla­vored pret­zels. It’s kind of like YanYans but cheap­er and more nutri­ents. Back to the pud­ding. I then slapped on a small tea­spoon of it on the bagel just to try it out—tasted like Nutel­la but soft­er!

So now you know. Word to the wise though, the pud­ding should have a base fla­vor of Choco­late. At least from my first-time expe­ri­ence today. I hope that this info comes in handy for you one day. Oth­er than that, make sure to let your friend­ly-neigh­bor­hood office man­ag­er know that there is a low sup­ply of cream cheese in the fridge.