Merry Christmas!

Another year where the Holidays just sees a bloom in lights, nativity scenes and great, home-cooked meals. It’s bad and good at the same time, in terms of the food that is. You see your calories jump up to an ultimate high during these last weeks of the year. You try not to eat so much but you look at the table and just need to get a munch out of each and one of the specially, prepared entrees. And then thats where it hits you, you just consumed two rounds worth of a buffet meal.

It’s all good though, it makes the cooks happy and make them feel satisfied as the hours of work they put in to cooking one dish isn’t in vain. But damn, food coma comes next and that is a different story on its own. Anyways, on with the fiesta in your stomachs. Merry Christmas or Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah!

PS. Go watch Curse of the Golden Flower. If you like Hero and/or House of Flying Daggers, then It’s definitely worth the full price. That, or if you just want to start your year of with a great movie.