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  • RIP David Carradine

    Aka. Kwai Chang Caine / Grasshopper / Bill. More info here via NY Times.

  • Ong Bak 2 Promo Reel

    All I can say is that this flick is going to be sick! Here’s the promo reel. Update It seems that the promo reel that was on Brightcove has expired. Update the post with one from Youtube. [youtube]3wMNQwF2Wk4[/youtube]

  • Merry Christmas!

    Another year where the Holidays just sees a bloom in lights, nativity scenes and great, home-cooked meals. It’s bad and good at the same time, in terms of the food that is. You see your calories jump up to an ultimate high during these last weeks of the year. You try not to eat so…