Pudding, The Cream Cheese Filler

So, I got into work this morning only to find out that there was one bagel left in the kitchen. Being glad that there is something to eat other than the numerous amount of snacks in the cupboards, I found out that there was no more cream cheese. This, after the fact that my mighty bagel just toasted to perfection.

What does it feel like? Well, you can compare it to a lot of things. Like, going to drop kids off only to find out that there is no more TP.

Meanwhile, the McGuyver in me found some pudding in my cabinet. I was going to use them for snacking with Honey-Wheat flavored pretzels. It’s kind of like YanYans but cheaper and more nutrients. Back to the pudding. I then slapped on a small teaspoon of it on the bagel just to try it out—tasted like Nutella but softer!

So now you know. Word to the wise though, the pudding should have a base flavor of Chocolate. At least from my first-time experience today. I hope that this info comes in handy for you one day. Other than that, make sure to let your friendly-neighborhood office manager know that there is a low supply of cream cheese in the fridge.