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  • Givers


    I haven’t heard this kind of Music in a while. Something that just took me in the first 15-seconds of listening to get more songs of, when the currently playing song wasn’t even finished yet. This was 3 o’clock early in the morning mind you.

  • First Posters & Trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman

    First Posters & Trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman

    It seems Universal recently released new onesheets/posters and a trailer for Snow White and The Huntsman. Here is the trailer. [youtube]jFbHYUqeQjA[/youtube]

  • The Hunger Games Characater Movie Posters

    The Hunger Games Characater Movie Posters

    Seems the marketing heads of The Hunger Games movie distributed these new posters to 8 high-traffic entertainment sites: Yahoo! Movies, Hollywood Crush, Moviefone, The Hit List, Inside Movies, IGN Movies, teen.com, and Fandango. One character movie poster per site. Here they are for one easier viewing…

  • Inspiration – Karmin, Crash Your Party on the Radio

    In the spirit of awesome reactions, how would you react hearing your song on the radio for the first time? Here’s how Karmin experienced their moment. [youtube]aebWvUMOB4E[/youtube] Also, diggin’ that track. Can’t wait to hear more from this duo. And for everyone else on the grind, keep on—chase dreams!

  • ExtensionFM


    We all listen to our music using various ways, applications, and tools. Variety is the spice of Life after all. So what’s another way to do so… ExtensionFM, or “Ex.fm”, is quite useful if you use Google Chrome as your primary browser. Add on to that your insatiable hunger to surf different music blogs or…