Congrats Lakers 2009 NBA World Champions!

What a nice Sun­day to remem­ber. It was a chal­leng­ing sea­son for sure. I was some­what dis­ap­point­ed that LeBron could­n’t make it out West to lead his Cavs but nonethe­less am hap­py with the series against the Orlan­do Mag­ics. Even though the record books would have “4–1”, it was­n’t a dis­ap­point­ing series against Dwight Howard and team.

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the breakfast of champions!

decid­ing to wake up real­ly ear­ly today… (well, due to the fact that my inter­nal time clock has been messed up due to con­sump­tions of codeine the past days) … i went hunt­ing at the fridge for some break­fast. i guess the anx­i­ety that i felt before i got up at 7am this morn­ing was due, as well, to the fact that i was real­ly hun­gry. geez…my stom­ach was growl­ing and howl­in’. i thought i had to do some oper­a­tion dum­bo drop, but it was just a false alarm—i was just hun­gry.

so i decid­ed to final­ly get up of my bed; put my right foot on my desk as a step; and my left foot on my chair. why? you might ask… because i’m using tony’s old bunk-bed, and that thing has been around the block. so i final­ly got done with­out caus­ing any pain or injury to myself; cause last time, i pulled my groin. the very first time i had it set­up (only the top-bunk), i decid­ed to just jump down since it ain’t that freakin’ high. but boy was i wrong…i could­n’t walk for hours.

so i opened up the fridge, looked left and right try­ing to see what i can do for some quick fix­in’ ideas…low and behold, there it was… a ralph’s car­ton of eggs… Large AA baby! i took three of them bad­boys out; heat­ed the oiled-pan; and slack­ack­ack, just scram­bled them “tri-eggs” w/ a dash of salt & pep­per (…here to rap…).

mmm mmm good! the rice was done; and the tri-eggs looked hel­la nice. i got my 12fl-oz bot­tle of pow­er­ade on one hand (need­ed the elec­trolytes to flush this cold out of my sys­tem), and the tri-eggs-rice on the oth­er. only thing miss­ing was the “cher­ry-on-top-of-my-sun­dae”… ketchup!

yup, ketchup. it’s like that extra dash of pow­der that emer­il puts on his dish­es while he says, “baaaaaaaaaaaaaam! pick it up a notch!”—or some­thing like that. ketchup to me is essen­tial when i eat my tri-eggs-rice bowl, i need it for fla­vor­ing. but lucky me, there was no freakin’ ketchup!!!

i searched around, far and wide, back and forth…combing through the var­i­ous left­overs we have in our fridge…trying to see if there are any pack­ets from mick­ey-d’s or anything…anything! there was noth­ing. only thing that might have pro­vid­ed almost the same taste was the tobas­co mild sauce (the green one…yuk), a teriya­ki sauce, and an a1 spicy bbq sauce.

see­ing that i still have a lil bit of the snif­fles, i went for the spicy stuff. get my nose run­ning to clear it up, ya know… so i tried to at least do some pre­sen­ta­tion skills on my tri-eggs-rice bowl, know­ing that it’s all about the “pre­sen­ta­tion” of food (…damn food-tv). a lit­tle here, a lit­tle there…and some more here. i was like picas­so, but with food… and here’s the mas­ter­piece, “the tri-eggs-rice bowl a la pow­er­ade” …

i chowed down on that bad­boy pret­ty quick…less than 10 min­utes flat. it was “okay” for a make-shift ketchup. how­ev­er, five min­utes lat­er…. it was back out of my sys­tem… like a bul­let-train! haha it was pro­l­ly the a1 sauce =) …that’s why i real­ly appre­ci­ate the philip­pines’ con­tri­bu­tion to the world, jufran (or mafran, pafran, lafran, etc etc…)

so the moral of the sto­ry is this, what­ev­er life throws at you…there’s always an option. you can always go with it, and do some­thing with your life; or not, and be hun­gry and starve from the rich­ness of life’s nutri­ents and elec­trolytes. and when the going gets tough, and you’re get­ting the shit kicked out of you in your stomach—just do it like a cham­pi­on… release your ten­sion!!! haha

from my mind to yours, always have ketchup handy… it’s like woah!