the breakfast of champions!

deciding to wake up really early today… (well, due to the fact that my internal time clock has been messed up due to consumptions of codeine the past days) … i went hunting at the fridge for some breakfast. i guess the anxiety that i felt before i got up at 7am this morning was due, as well, to the fact that i was really hungry. geez…my stomach was growling and howlin’. i thought i had to do some operation dumbo drop, but it was just a false alarm—i was just hungry.

so i decided to finally get up of my bed; put my right foot on my desk as a step; and my left foot on my chair. why? you might ask… because i’m using tony’s old bunk-bed, and that thing has been around the block. so i finally got done without causing any pain or injury to myself; cause last time, i pulled my groin. the very first time i had it setup (only the top-bunk), i decided to just jump down since it ain’t that freakin’ high. but boy was i wrong…i couldn’t walk for hours.

so i opened up the fridge, looked left and right trying to see what i can do for some quick fixin’ ideas…low and behold, there it was… a ralph’s carton of eggs… Large AA baby! i took three of them badboys out; heated the oiled-pan; and slackackack, just scrambled them “tri-eggs” w/ a dash of salt & pepper (…here to rap…).

mmm mmm good! the rice was done; and the tri-eggs looked hella nice. i got my 12fl-oz bottle of powerade on one hand (needed the electrolytes to flush this cold out of my system), and the tri-eggs-rice on the other. only thing missing was the “cherry-on-top-of-my-sundae”… ketchup!

yup, ketchup. it’s like that extra dash of powder that emeril puts on his dishes while he says, “baaaaaaaaaaaaaam! pick it up a notch!”—or something like that. ketchup to me is essential when i eat my tri-eggs-rice bowl, i need it for flavoring. but lucky me, there was no freakin’ ketchup!!!

i searched around, far and wide, back and forth…combing through the various leftovers we have in our fridge…trying to see if there are any packets from mickey-d’s or anything…anything! there was nothing. only thing that might have provided almost the same taste was the tobasco mild sauce (the green one…yuk), a teriyaki sauce, and an a1 spicy bbq sauce.

seeing that i still have a lil bit of the sniffles, i went for the spicy stuff. get my nose running to clear it up, ya know… so i tried to at least do some presentation skills on my tri-eggs-rice bowl, knowing that it’s all about the “presentation” of food (…damn food-tv). a little here, a little there…and some more here. i was like picasso, but with food… and here’s the masterpiece, “the tri-eggs-rice bowl a la powerade” …

i chowed down on that badboy pretty quick…less than 10 minutes flat. it was “okay” for a make-shift ketchup. however, five minutes later…. it was back out of my system… like a bullet-train! haha it was prolly the a1 sauce =) …that’s why i really appreciate the philippines’ contribution to the world, jufran (or mafran, pafran, lafran, etc etc…)

so the moral of the story is this, whatever life throws at you…there’s always an option. you can always go with it, and do something with your life; or not, and be hungry and starve from the richness of life’s nutrients and electrolytes. and when the going gets tough, and you’re getting the shit kicked out of you in your stomach—just do it like a champion… release your tension!!! haha

from my mind to yours, always have ketchup handy… it’s like woah!