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  • Conan O’Brien – American Express Commercial

    Finally got to see Conan’s return to TV last night. I watched his first episode via TBS. Pretty funny as usual. Meanwhile, I have to give props to the latest commercial from American Express starring him. It just came in the right time.

  • Toyota iQ “Nimble As A Mouse” Campaign

    Cool campaign by Toyota iQ. “To demonstrate the agility of the compact Toyota iQ, the car was turned into a mouse. This meant it was able move a cursor on a giant screen and operate a desktop computer. Before a live audience the Toyota iQ did all the things a normal mouse does, just on…

  • Freebord’s Downhill Neon Video Game

    Pretty cool Freebord viral. 36 Freeborders took over an SF street at night to create a Tetris-like game using neon-lit puzzle pieces. Check it out here. [youtube]Fwvc6fmXmuY[/youtube]

  • Apple Ads on ESPN

    I saw this new Apple ad yesterday on ESPN after reading about it from Ryan Sims. Its a campaign for the latest iPod shuffles. ((Here’s my writeup on that version.)) [vimeo]4972045[/vimeo] Apple has taken over the ESPN homepage in the past. Their ads have successfully interacted with elements of the page, and not to mention,…

  • Durex – Get It On Ad Campaign

    This is probably PG-13 but dang, it sure is funny and creative. Check out Durex’ latest commercial, “Get It On“. [youtube]6RbFdFgrsUE[/youtube] Source via Fubiz.