Category: Entertainment

  • Flash… Aaa-ahhh!

    Oh schnaps?!?! It seems that the SciFi Channel will be delivering a new series—Flash Gordon. The first episode will air this Friday, August 10th. I need to check out the original flick. All I can remember is that damn theme song =)

  • Paper Airplanes

    Quite an addicting flash game. I, myself, got a personal best of 62.864m 114.734m. Try it, and let me know your best! PS. If you want to get off the addiction, go here instead =)

  • TGIF from a 4-day Week

    glumbert – Japanese Tetris

  • Pitcher Gets Hit by a Foul Ball?

    So I just got home from a flight from SWA—I’m in LA now. As I’m trying to setup my Fantasy Baseball lineup for Saturday, I came across one of my pitchers’ news tidbit. It was for Germano; a Padres pitcher. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen ESPN or any sports news yet… Jun 8 San…

  • That’s Not Right at All

    [youtube]ceNf-11-ddI[/youtube] I think I showed this to 15+ w/in 5 minutes. A couple of things we can learn from here: Keep an eye on your kids in the Circle and YouTube is so damn viral.