Pitcher Gets Hit by a Foul Ball?

So I just got home from a flight from SWA—I’m in LA now. As I’m trying to setup my Fantasy Baseball lineup for Saturday, I came across one of my pitchers’ news tidbit. It was for Germano; a Padres pitcher. Keep in mind, I haven’t seen ESPN or any sports news yet…

Jun 8 San Diego Padres SP Justin Germano (knee) was hit near his left knee by a foul ball off the bat of OF Hiram Bocachica in the third inning, Friday, June 8, against the Seattle Mariners, according to the Associated Press. After sacrificing Bocachica along, Germano went into the clubhouse, although he ended up staying in the game through five innings.

After reading this, the first thing that came across my mind was that the ball magically turned into a heat-seeking sidewinder. Yeah—exactly. How the heck did this happen, or even how the heck could it happen?

I mean, your on the mound, and you get hit by a “foul ball”?!?!

Damn. I just need to watch Sports Center.

Update: 5 minutes later. While trying to win some dough on Blingo, I searched for “Hiram Bocachica”. http://www.hirambocachica.com/ … Oh. HA! =) Maybe the writer of that snippet should’ve specified it was his own damn teammate. Just maybe. I mean come on, not everyone knows every teams’ players.