Replication for Learning

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I firm­ly believe in the idea that “Every­thing is a Remix.“1 As a web work­er spe­cial­iz­ing in Design and Fron­tend Devel­op­ment, it’s cru­cial to accept this. Most of the time, Google is our best friend (oth­er than our book­marks of course). It is the medi­um we work with con­stant­ly to find nodes of inspi­ra­tion,2 design pat­terns,3 and/or snip­pets of code.4

Why rein­vent the wheel?” Well, you don’t have to. Just make it bet­ter while sav­ing time, and learn­ing in/the process at the same time.

  1. If you haven’t seen the web video series, please do. You may do so by vis­it­ing this web­page. []
  2. The expla­na­tion of the idea via Cameron Moll. []
  3. There’s mul­ti­ple sources for this. UI-Pat­terns, and Mar­ti­jn van Welie’s are pret­ty good. []
  4. Stack­over­flow is a coders’ friend. []

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