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  • Increase File Upload Size Limit

    I am working on a project that requires high-level users to be able to upload more than the default WordPress file-upload limit. I’ve done this in the past but I have set it to a multi-domain setting. Meaning that it encompasses all of my domains being hosted in a particular Dreamhost user account. I wanted…

  • Replication for Learning


  • 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects Using CSS3 and jQuery

    [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzUEXWy2MOo[/youtube] Pretty cool effect, and addition to your web design project(s) that involve photography/images… Source: Codrops

  • Decontstructing The Expressive Web

    Interesting interview of the breakdown/process poured into making Adobe and Big Spaceship’s latest project: The Expressive Web. Adobe Principal Product Manager Mike Chambers sits down with Stephen Koch, Sr. Developer from digital creative agency Big Spaceship, to discuss new design tools in HTML5 and CSS3 that can help you create expressive features in your webpages’…

  • Replace HTML Attribute Using jQuery

    I had a small project that asked for a URL and a pixel-image to be tracked. Another requirement was to replace a certain string in it with a timestamp of some sort.