Surfin’ Fish – Day Trip Zambales

Our road trip from Saturday, September 1, 2012. Passed Subic from some lunch at Meat Plus Cafe, then headed north to Zambales to get some surf, sand, and fun in the Sun.

We rolled to San Narciso’s Crystal Beach Resort. The people were friendly and so welcoming. It also happens to be a Quicksilver learning school. So that was awesome. Thanks to @SurfinFish + @Tdlc35Cruz + @BLKC24 + @MargauxSue + Chef May + Tess for a dope Saturday!

Good times!


Music by:
The Strokes – Last Nite (via album, Is This It)

Camera: All shot on my GoPro.

Software: Edited completely in iMovie ’11, with the help of iPhoto to import the time-lapse photos. Photoshop was only used to tweak a watermark onto the video project.

Edit time: ~3-hours. Quick eh? =)

Crystal Beach. La Paz, San Narciso, Zambales. Philippines.