Month: September 2011

  • Daft Punk x Coca-Cola

    Daft Punk x Coca-Cola

    We’ve seen a lot of collaborations lately. Biggest one I recall would probably be KAWS x Hennessy this past late-July. Recently, after the first set of bottles this past February ((The association between the French duo Daft Punk and Coca-Cola with the packaging and the bottle “Daft Coke” recalling the symbolic colors of Daft Punk…

  • Album Art Featuring an Animal’s Head Shot

    Album Art Featuring an Animal’s Head Shot

    While perusing Spotify’s “What’s New” section, I noticed the following albums using an animal pretty much as its album art cover.

  • ExtensionFM


    We all listen to our music using various ways, applications, and tools. Variety is the spice of Life after all. So what’s another way to do so… ExtensionFM, or “”, is quite useful if you use Google Chrome as your primary browser. Add on to that your insatiable hunger to surf different music blogs or…

  • The Inka Trail

    I had the opportunity to join a couple of friends some months ago, and travel south to the land of Peru. This country is rich in natural resources I tell you. The weather was nice. We were blessed with mostly partially-cloudy to sunny days in our time in the Andes. I could only imagine how…

  • Undefeated Exclusive Chucks for SF Store Opening

    Undefeated Exclusive Chucks for SF Store Opening

    Dang, I don’t wear too much black & orange (am a “Dodger amongst Giants” per se living in the Bay)—but these are sick Chucks!