Daft Punk x Coca-Cola

We’ve seen a lot of collaborations lately. Biggest one I recall would probably be KAWS x Hennessy this past late-July. Recently, after the first set of bottles this past February ((The association between the French duo Daft Punk and Coca-Cola with the packaging and the bottle “Daft Coke” recalling the symbolic colors of Daft Punk helmets. Limited edition and was available in two colors (gold and silver) only in France. The first ones shipped out March 2011.)), the new collaboration between Coca-Cola and Daft Punk rebooted.

Created by dressing two bottles of precious metals, like their helmets: gold and silver. All limited to 20 signed copies.

More product shots of the latest collection below:

The first set of “Daft Coke” can be seen below as well:

Source: Fubiz