Lots of ramen spots in DTLA. So which one to go with? Well, the 3 I like head­ing to when the stom­ach is yearn­ing for some would prob­a­bly be:

  1. Daikokuya
  2. Kouraku
  3. Oro­chon

But I won’t real­ly get into all 3, this post is all about Daikokuya. I’ve always want­ed to go but the long wait just was­n’t some­thing I can do dur­ing the mul­ti­ple attempts in Lit­tle Tokyo.

So today, I decid­ed to head ear­ly into the area, and have lunch with Belle and Lou. I found myself park­ing at the Japan­ese Vil­lage Plaza struc­ture, since I know I can get val­i­da­tion at Mik­awaya. It was either pay­ing $6 for the park­ing lot across the restau­rant, or pay­ing $5 (min­i­mum) and eat­ing some mochi-lato at the same time. The lat­ter taste good to me =)

Want­i­ng the first dibs for seats, we got there 10–15 min­utes before 11am. The line quick­ly grew a cou­ple of min­utes right before they opened. The restau­rant filled less than 10-min­utes after we got seat­ed. So yah, get there ear­ly, or pre­pare to wait 20–30+ min­utes.

For the food, I tried to quick­ly take pho­tos as every­thing smells and looks good…

Their gyoza was prob­a­bly the best one I’ve ever had. Its so good—it got vot­ed in LA Week­ly’s “Best of LA” (arti­cle here):

Daikokuya’s gyoza are the pan-fried vari­ety, as opposed to the pale, boiled kind, and do not come crimped like lit­tle purs­es as most of them do, but fold­ed into rec­tan­gu­lar pack­ets, their edges seared to crisp fil­i­grees, their sea­soned inte­ri­ors dense and pork-heavy, a hand­ful of thin­ly sliced scal­lions scat­tered over the top.

Daikokuya - Gyoza

Mov­ing onto the main entree, I opt­ed to go for the com­bi­na­tion. It comes with the Daikokuya Ramen, and a choice of a small rice bowl (I went with Teriya­ki Eel).

Daikokuya Ramen

The expe­ri­ence with the ramen can be para­phrased like this:

Oh beau­ti­ful gold­en ramen, what hides under­neath your gar­nish­ing?

(a cou­ple of scoops lat­er)

Yes—oh yes—just instant nom­nom­ness!

The soup (soy sauce based) was dang tasty; can def­i­nite­ly tell the boil­ing of the pork bones was planned to keep you sip­ping for some more. The pork was ten­der. Man oh man, so good and fla­vor­ful. And the egg, I would­n’t mind more of.

Daikokuya - Teriyaki Eel Bowl

As for the Teriya­ki Eel, I could’ve prob­a­bly just ordered this and be hap­py for lunch. The por­tion seemed small at first. But after a cou­ple of bites, I noticed that the eel slices were big­ger than ones I have had before. Not only that, but they are deli­cious.

Over­all, this expe­ri­ence was pret­ty good. I’d for sure head back there— as long as there’s no wait. But what can I tell you, you won’t be dis­ap­point­ed if you do wait.

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