Chris Crutchfield documented DTLA’s event during International Pillow Fight Day this past April 3, 2010. Here’s his video, Pillows (Good Feeling).


Awesome, digging it. Especially the use of AE, the crispness, and soundtrack.

Video Details

Pillows was shot on a Canon T2i using just the kit 18-55 lens (turned out better than I’d imagined) and audio was captured using the Zoom H4N. All the post production was done in Final Cut Studio and After Effects. Most of it was shot in 1080/24p but the slow motion sequences were shot in 720/60p and conformed via Cinema Tools to 24p.

Thanks to my friends over at Red Giant this got some nice color grading using the Magic Bullet Suite and some Trapcode effects were used in the intro sequence.

Thanks to Los Angeles for being a crazy enough city to actually host something like this.

The music is by PrettyLights called “Finally Moving remix”