News from Apple WWDC 2009


For those that don’t know, Apple’s WWDC (World­wide Devel­op­ers Con­fer­ence) 2009 was this past Mon­day morn­ing at Moscone West, San Fran­cis­co. It’s pri­mar­i­ly for those devel­op­ing for Apple’s prod­ucts (OS X, iPhone apps, etc.) but it’s also for the Apple fans out there as the Keynote usu­al­ly address­es new prod­uct releas­es, etc.

I was tuned in, lis­ten­ing to Ustream’s live stream of the Keynote.1 Pret­ty cool as you can mul­ti­task ver­sus hav­ing to read every new updates on a blog. Though you have to give it up though as the pho­tos on the blog updates are more eye can­dy.

Any­ways, the Keynote did­n’t dis­ap­point. I’m dig­ging the fol­low­ing updates:

  • iPhone OS 3.0 release date on June 17th. I can’t wait to update with the fol­low­ing fea­tures:
    • Cut, copy & paste!
    • Land­scape key­board.
    • Improved Cal­en­dar w/ Cal­DAV sup­port
    • MMS (AT&T will sup­port it lat­er this Sum­mer)
    • Inter­net Teth­er­ing—though AT&T does­n’t sup­port it yet!
  • Snow Leop­ard release this Sep­tem­ber.
    • $29 to upgrade from Leop­ard.
    • Only $49 for a Fam­i­ly Pack! That’s about $10 each for 5 users.
  • New 13″ and 15″ Mac­book Pros.
    • 15″ starts only at $1699.2
    • The 13″ Mac­book Uni­body is now a Mac­book Pro, and con­tains all the bells & whis­tles of the 15″/17″. That, and it starts only at $1199.
    • New bat­tery-life of 7hrs. Over 1,000 recharge cycles; about 5‑years of note­book life before dimin­ished bat­tery charge.
    • Express­Card slots in 15″ have been replaced with SD-card slot. I’m 50/50 on this one as you can use an Express­Card-to-eSA­TA card to uti­lize eSA­TA trans­fers for things like trans­fer­ring files between an exter­nal stor­age dri­ve. That’s about 3.0Gbps > 480Mbps. But if you don’t find your­self back­ing up/transferring files that much between an exter­nal, the I guess it’s a plus for that change.
    • FireWire 800 has been added.
  • $99 only for an iPhone 3G 8GB mod­el. I think this will open up the mar­ket for Apple. That’s real­ly cheap for a smart phone with tons of fea­ture, not to men­tion an iPhone.

Mean­while, updates that weren’t too hot in my book, but were still good:

  • Safari 4 live today.
  • iPhone 3Gs3 release date on June 19th. As a iPhone 3G own­er, I did­n’t see much of a val­ue to upgrade. The fol­low­ing fea­tures are what I would con­sid­er if I were to upgrade to the 3Gs:4
    • 3MP & aut­o­fo­cus cam­era vs. 2MP.
    • Com­pass.5

    I did­n’t mind the video cam­era as you can just do a jail­break. In terms of the Voice Con­trol, I ain’t that lazy. Now, if they added voice-to-text, then that’s a dif­fer­ent deal.

Not too shab­by I must say. Can’t wait to upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0.

  1. The record­ed stream can be seen here. Apple’s offi­cial record­ed video here. []
  2. Pric­ing chart avail­able here. []
  3. The “s” stands for “speed”? Real­ly? Seri­ous­ly? []
  4. You may com­pare the 3G vs. 3Gs more in detail over here. []
  5. Lear more about Com­pass here. []

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