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  • Is It The Camera?

    Is It The Camera?

    Well, is it? A couple of months old in terms of the video/documentary in this post, but its still relevant. Probably as relevant years ago when there were a lot of cameras to pick from. Anyways… Lee Morris of Fstoppers.com shoots a full fashion photography session with the iPhone 3Gs. Here’s the video. [youtube]TOoGjtSy7xY[/youtube]

  • News from Apple WWDC 2009

    For those that don’t know, Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2009 was this past Monday morning at Moscone West, San Francisco. It’s primarily for those developing for Apple’s products (OS X, iPhone apps, etc.) but it’s also for the Apple fans out there as the Keynote usually addresses new product releases, etc. I was tuned…