Unlock Phones from AT&T

So in preparation to going to Europe, I wanted to be able to have a cellphone (mobile) handy in case of an emergency. I wanted to just use the iPhone 3G but I have updated to iPhone OS 2.2.1 with a baseband of 2.30.03, which there is no (software) unlock for. Luckily, I still have kept my Samsung Blackjack (1).

Here’s what I found out when getting my Blackjack unlocked:

  • Call 611 (Customer Service), and not the local AT&T store.
  • Unlocking is “free” (according to the CSR who helped me).
  • Give your IMEI number to the CSR to receive your phone’s unlock code.
  • To get your phone’s IMEI number, press *#06#
  • To proceed with the unlock process:
    • Take out the SIM card if there are any first.
    • You have to do the following keystrokes: #7465625*638*unlock_code# (unlock_code is your own of course).
    • Your phone’s display will then have some type of message that it has disabled a lock of some sort.

I hope that helps.