Bill O’Reilly Meltdown

I was chat­ting with Mik ear­li­er about set­ting up a paint­ball out­ing at the Jun­gle some­time in the next cou­ple of weeks when the whole “F**K IT, we’ll do it live” men­tion came about. Here’s the clas­sic piece that aired a cou­ple of months ago:

YouTube Preview Image

What’s even fun­ny is that there’s this video of a “Body Lan­guage Expert” ana­lyz­ing the whole thing… =)

YouTube Preview Image

Any­ways, some­what of a tan­gent but this is what I envi­sion of what might hap­pen next:

If you ever find your­self in almost the same posi­tion as Mr. O’Reil­ly, you should try this Relax­ation Ther­a­py video below, or eat some choco­late sheesh.

YouTube Preview Image

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