Action Method by Behance

Action Method – Splash 20080916, originally uploaded by stechico.

In a recent announcement, Behance unveils its new product called Action Method (AMO). They have spent the past year designing and developing the new platform for productivity and project management.

The system is based on the “Action Method” and the design of our paper product line, but the technology itself is revolutionary. Now being beta-tested by a select group of people and teams, AMO is a web-based application that offers a radically different approach to managing projects and collaborating with others.

You may signup to be notified when it launches by click here.

Meanwhile, on a side note, I’m digging the Methodology page‘s copy and visuals:

The success of any idea ultimately comes down to action. Our method is a discipline for everyday productivity.

Designed for those with many ideas and lots of creative energy, the Action Method seeks to simplify project management and life.