Adium Chat Transcripts Location

This applies to those using the ever-pop­u­lar IM client, Adi­um.

Adi­um is a free instant mes­sag­ing appli­ca­tion for Mac OS X that can con­nect to AIM, MSN, Jab­ber, Yahoo, and more.

If you are in a sit­u­a­tion were you would need to back up your chat tran­scripts due to account migra­tion, or in need to do a clean instal­la­tion of your OS X machine, here’s where to start:

~/Library/Application Support/Adium 2.0/Users/Default/Logs

Note: This is cur­rent as of Leop­ard OS X 10.5.4, and Adi­um 2.x.


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  1. Chris

    I have read this in sev­er­al places, but both on my old hd and my new hd I do not have a Library > Appli­ca­tion Sup­port > Adi­um fold­er. I only have fold­ers for like Adobe and Apple, but no Adi­um.

    I do not know why there is no fold­er for adi­um… any oth­er place that my chat tran­scripts might be locat­ed?

    • sherwin

      @Chris: That’s strange… And you put the tilde (“~”) in front when try­ing to open it up in Find­er cor­rect (Command‑G), like above?

      I will re-check on my iMac tomor­row when I get in to work. The above address was cor­rect in my MBPro.

      • sherwin

        @Chris: Just to get back to what I said last night. Make sure to have that tilde (“~”). You might be acci­den­tal­ly going to this loca­tion instead “/Library/Application Support/…”