When Will I Get My Economic Stimulus Payment?

We’ve all been asking/telling ourselves: “damn, I can use some extra cash right about now.” Well, your prayers and requests have been answered as the Government will soon be sending some dough your way:

A. The Treasury Department will make payments starting in early May. Early filers, especially those who choose direct deposit, will get their payments first.

If the IRS finishes processing your return by April 15, you will most likely get your payment based on this schedule. If you choose direct deposit, this means your payment will arrive on May 2, May 9 or May 16. If you do not choose direct deposit, checks will be mailed between mid-May and mid-July. For this initial batch of stimulus payments, the payment date will be based on the last two digits of your Social Security Number. [Updated 3/19/08]

But be smart about with what you do with it—or, just save it. To give you some more info on what this whole ordeal is about, you may check out the following: