MacBook Air

Steve Jobs presents the Macbook Air at Macworld 2008 in San Francisco, CA
Photo from Gizmodo

From Cupertino, CA. Weighing at 3.0 lbs, 0.16-0.76 inches… 13.3″ display w/ a full-size and backlit keyboard; being powered by 1.6GHz Core2Duo, 2GB of memory and 80GB HDD; not to mention 802.11n Wi-Fi…

Macbook Air

Selling for $1,799 w/o a CD/DVD-drive though?!?! Don’t know about that part. Size is great if you travel a lot and don’t care about the CD/DVD-drive not being there. That or you have money to burn.

I rather spend an extra 3-bills for another Macbook Pro personally if I’m going to pay that much.