Mistaken Identity

So, it was a busy Monday morning. Lots of stuff to do and get done before I head on out for LA this upcoming Friday night. Not to mention, what a looong drive it’ll be as I’m going with the one, the only… Ms. Jenn V. (soon to be “G”).

Meanwhile Cy IMed me about some funny, random thoughts. This is what ensued (I’ll hide the identity of the person being talked about till I get their (i.e. “Y”) okay haha):

[11:27] cy: hey
[11:27] cy: is “Y” a lesbian?
[11:27] me: haha what?
[11:27] me: haha
[11:28] me: funniest shit i’ve ever heard come out from you haha
[11:28] cy: cause i’m looking at her myspace
[11:28] cy: and it says ‘in a relationship”
[11:28] cy: and the only pic i see is her hold her friends leg really close
[11:28] me: w/ a dude named “X”
[11:28] me: haha
[11:28] cy: like a lez
[11:28] cy: *pasted the URL of the photo*
[11:29] me: oh man
[11:29] me: haha

[11:29] cy: ya.. well i’m totally out of the loop
[11:29] cy: LAWL

[11:36] cy: i hadn’t seen you guys in a while
[11:36] cy: so i’m all out of the loop
[11:36] cy: and since i’m not oppsed to the gays… hey, anyone could be anyone you know? LOL
[11:37] cy: ain’t nottin wrong with being a lez
[11:37] cy: lez is lovely
[11:37] me: haha
[11:37] me: i know haha
[11:37] me: its just funny that it came from you
[11:37] me: early monday am
[11:37] cy: hahahahahaha
[11:38] cy: i heard jovan was gay
[11:38] cy: *pass it along*
[11:41] me: haha