Mistaken Identity

So, it was a busy Mon­day morn­ing. Lots of stuff to do and get done before I head on out for LA this upcom­ing Fri­day night. Not to men­tion, what a looong dri­ve it’ll be as I’m going with the one, the only… Ms. Jenn V. (soon to be “G”).

Mean­while Cy IMed me about some fun­ny, ran­dom thoughts. This is what ensued (I’ll hide the iden­ti­ty of the per­son being talked about till I get their (i.e. “Y”) okay haha):

[11:27] cy: hey
[11:27] cy: is “Y” a les­bian?
[11:27] me: haha what?
[11:27] me: haha
[11:28] me: fun­ni­est shit i’ve ever heard come out from you haha
[11:28] cy: cause i’m look­ing at her myspace
[11:28] cy: and it says ‘in a rela­tion­ship”
[11:28] cy: and the only pic i see is her hold her friends leg real­ly close
[11:28] me: w/ a dude named “X”
[11:28] me: haha
[11:28] cy: like a lez
[11:28] cy: *past­ed the URL of the pho­to*
[11:29] me: oh man
[11:29] me: haha

[11:29] cy: ya.. well i’m total­ly out of the loop
[11:29] cy: LAWL

[11:36] cy: i had­n’t seen you guys in a while
[11:36] cy: so i’m all out of the loop
[11:36] cy: and since i’m not oppsed to the gays… hey, any­one could be any­one you know? LOL
[11:37] cy: ain’t not­tin wrong with being a lez
[11:37] cy: lez is love­ly
[11:37] me: haha
[11:37] me: i know haha
[11:37] me: its just fun­ny that it came from you
[11:37] me: ear­ly mon­day am
[11:37] cy: haha­ha­ha­ha­ha
[11:38] cy: i heard jovan was gay
[11:38] cy: *pass it along*
[11:41] me: haha