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  • Happy Birthday Karen!

    Ternberry_1032, originally uploaded by stechico. May you be blessed with a Lakers win over the Rockets at tonight’s Game-5!

  • In Memoriam – John Paul Halog

  • Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park

    Love Jump JTG, originally uploaded by stechico. I had the pleasure of taking Kim and Ricky‘s Engagement photos this past Sunday. We were initially going to roll to 2 spots: the first was the Japanese Tea Garden; and the second was Strawberry Hill. We actually didn’t get to go to Strawberry Hill as there were…

  • Tony’s Video Tribute

    Ces happen to forward me a link to a Youtube generated video tribute of Tony for playing for Alaska’s Milkmen in the PBA. It’s just weird watching it, at least for me. I was just cracking up in most cases. Here it is: [youtube]rEPYT_qvU1Y[/youtube]

  • Earl the Super Hawaiian

    [youtube]4wNOldqgBh8[/youtube] Awesome. I was watching Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show last night when the Super Hawaiian – Round Table Pizza Ad came. To my surprise, it’s freakin’ the homie Earl from UC Irvine haha. I was trying to confirm to see if its really him and luckily found the video above at…