A San Francisco Native’s First BART-ride

BART Discovery by a San Francisco Native

Since the day he was born about a quar­ter plus years ago in SF, Justin has nev­er used the BART. Today, was a glo­ri­ous rainy day—as he final­ly expe­ri­enced his first BART ride. Even though it was a short one (from Mont­gomery Street to Pow­ell street), it was well worth the $1.40 in change spent.

Update, 3/28/06
Please do know that this was a joke. Come on, its like not going to Dis­ney­land for free and liv­ing a mile away from it.

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  1. april

    that’s real­ly fun­ny. i’ve been in S.F. since Sep­tem­ber and I ride the BART at least once a day. I have rid­den a hun­dred of times. I can’t imag­ine trav­el­ling the city by any oth­er method — because of the price and the fact that it’s pret­ty stress free (no traf­fic). Fun­ny to think that a native has nev­er even rid­den one even once until now!