Protopage Reboots


Protopage just seems to keep getting better and better. Lately, they updated to version 2.0. That’s “2.0” as in “Web 2.0″—HA! *snicker* OK. I admit, it’s still too early on the week for such foolish wordings but all is fair in the land of web technology and blogging.

Meanwhile, Protopage jam-packed their release with a slew of new features. Some new features that stood out for me were:

  • ability to add new pages
  • rounded corners on panels
  • new color schemes for panels
  • and rich-text editing

There are plenty more that I still have to try out. So, if you missed my write-up on Protopage last September and still haven’t tried it out—it’s not too late to do so. By the way, did I mention that it’s FREE?!

Do you need another reason to jump in and have a look at it? If so, then lets just say that the BBC covered Protopage. Anyways, what’s a better reason than to just help you get organized in life.

Keep it simple—and FREE!