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  • What is Twitter?

    A couple of friends and family have been asking: What’s up w/ the status updates I see quite often? What’s w/ the “@” (at symbol) next to names on your status? What the heck is a tweet? etc. Rather than pointing them to Twitter’s site, I rather just show them this video: [youtube]ddO9idmax0o[/youtube] I hope…

  • Protopage Reboots

    Protopage just seems to keep getting better and better. Lately, they updated to version 2.0. That’s “2.0” as in “Web 2.0″—HA! *snicker* OK. I admit, it’s still too early on the week for such foolish wordings but all is fair in the land of web technology and blogging.

  • The Journey to Update Firefox from 1.0.7 to 1.5

    Just a few weeks ago, Mozilla released Firefox 1.5 RC3. This seems to be the same as the final release. So, if you haven’t converted yet (mostly IE6 users) nor have tried out Firefox, now is the time. I finally decided to update my Firefox version from 1.0.7 to the newest 1.5. I will be…