yo! i freakin’ have been at the range two days straight lately. all caused by tony, julie, and baby marley just getting back from the PI this past friday. geeeeeze…that baby is one big six-month old kid. he’s like twenty pounds or so, and still growing.

anyways, golf is not a sport—i said to myself at first. all they do is try to hit a ball and smack the hell out of it. then, bensi and tony brought me last year or so to hit some golf balls at the range (at northwood, jeffrey and trabuco). O M G!!! the very first time was very freakin’ challenging. four callouses, and a sore back the next day. however, this past weekend when i went—i wised up. i wore some golf gloves; and man, was i glad to have em. i also learned how to grip the club right. it kinda improved the way i smacked that ball—more like an extra yard or two hehe. but yah, good times good times.

one thing that stood out this weekend was seeing “tjm” ever since last winter. however, the thing that bunks out is tony only having a week of vacation over here. he has to go next monday and go straight to practice since a new season is starting. oh well, i guess that’s coo since he’s doing something he likes and getting paid bank for.

what else… oh yah, just went for a cleaning on saturday morning—A OK! no cavities, but a few tartar build up… i guess i gotta stay away from costco’s chocolate cake for a few months. but maaaaaaan, i can’t resist adding some dreyer ice cream with a slice or two of it. mmm mmm good.

but sometimes, i guess you gotta sacrifice a thing or two to achieve good hygiene, as well as good health. that’s the thing these days, to achieve good health (in respect to eating) you have to spend the money for it. for example, during the weekdays for lunch, instead of eating fast food, you have to go to a sit down place or something; get salad, some delicious & healthy meal (e.g. mostly chicken for me)… and chew everything well—to help digestion go smoothly as possible of course.

i don’t know, this past weekend though… i have been bad somewhat… i just ate whatever—bottom line… FREE FOOD! i guess people on a diet don’t really promote good health when they cut back a lot from their daily intake of nutrional values. it’s one thing to have a good “diet”, and another to starve. i quoted the word “diet” in terms of eating. i don’t know how to explain it but when i say i’m on “diet”… i always think to myself that i’m just more selective of the food i take in. less junk food, and more veggies (somewhat… hmmm very little unless they’re on a burrito, burger, or chinese food meal ^^ ). but yah, i’m trying to achive a good daily “diet” so i can compliment my work-out regiment (which mostly is geared to get flexibility, speed and agility, and not buffness).

woah, it’s already twelvish… i guess writing this much has stimulated some brain muscles. i was tired after the range, and thought to myself that i should sleep early while i am at the state i’m in. yah, but that seems to not go as planned. so i’ma watch tv outside for a bit and see what the monster garage crew is spittin’ out of their creativity.

from my mind to yours, hitting golf balls with a baseball swing and form don’t mix; and wear a helmet if you go to the range with me—i tend to slice it a lot =p