yo! i freakin’ have been at the range two days straight late­ly. all caused by tony, julie, and baby mar­ley just get­ting back from the PI this past fri­day. geeeeeze…that baby is one big six-month old kid. he’s like twen­ty pounds or so, and still grow­ing.

any­ways, golf is not a sport—i said to myself at first. all they do is try to hit a ball and smack the hell out of it. then, ben­si and tony brought me last year or so to hit some golf balls at the range (at north­wood, jef­frey and tra­bu­co). O M G!!! the very first time was very freakin’ chal­leng­ing. four cal­lous­es, and a sore back the next day. how­ev­er, this past week­end when i went—i wised up. i wore some golf gloves; and man, was i glad to have em. i also learned how to grip the club right. it kin­da improved the way i smacked that ball—more like an extra yard or two hehe. but yah, good times good times.

one thing that stood out this week­end was see­ing “tjm” ever since last win­ter. how­ev­er, the thing that bunks out is tony only hav­ing a week of vaca­tion over here. he has to go next mon­day and go straight to prac­tice since a new sea­son is start­ing. oh well, i guess that’s coo since he’s doing some­thing he likes and get­ting paid bank for.

what else… oh yah, just went for a clean­ing on sat­ur­day morning—A OK! no cav­i­ties, but a few tar­tar build up… i guess i got­ta stay away from cost­co’s choco­late cake for a few months. but maaaaaaan, i can’t resist adding some drey­er ice cream with a slice or two of it. mmm mmm good.

but some­times, i guess you got­ta sac­ri­fice a thing or two to achieve good hygiene, as well as good health. that’s the thing these days, to achieve good health (in respect to eat­ing) you have to spend the mon­ey for it. for exam­ple, dur­ing the week­days for lunch, instead of eat­ing fast food, you have to go to a sit down place or some­thing; get sal­ad, some deli­cious & healthy meal (e.g. most­ly chick­en for me)… and chew every­thing well—to help diges­tion go smooth­ly as pos­si­ble of course.

i don’t know, this past week­end though… i have been bad some­what… i just ate whatever—bottom line… FREE FOOD! i guess peo­ple on a diet don’t real­ly pro­mote good health when they cut back a lot from their dai­ly intake of nutri­on­al val­ues. it’s one thing to have a good “diet”, and anoth­er to starve. i quot­ed the word “diet” in terms of eat­ing. i don’t know how to explain it but when i say i’m on “diet”… i always think to myself that i’m just more selec­tive of the food i take in. less junk food, and more veg­gies (some­what… hmmm very lit­tle unless they’re on a bur­ri­to, burg­er, or chi­nese food meal ^^ ). but yah, i’m try­ing to achive a good dai­ly “diet” so i can com­pli­ment my work-out reg­i­ment (which most­ly is geared to get flex­i­bil­i­ty, speed and agili­ty, and not buff­ness).

woah, it’s already twelvish… i guess writ­ing this much has stim­u­lat­ed some brain mus­cles. i was tired after the range, and thought to myself that i should sleep ear­ly while i am at the state i’m in. yah, but that seems to not go as planned. so i’ma watch tv out­side for a bit and see what the mon­ster garage crew is spit­tin’ out of their cre­ativ­i­ty.

from my mind to yours, hit­ting golf balls with a base­ball swing and form don’t mix; and wear a hel­met if you go to the range with me—i tend to slice it a lot =p