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  • Tony’s Video Tribute

    Ces happen to forward me a link to a Youtube generated video tribute of Tony for playing for Alaska’s Milkmen in the PBA. It’s just weird watching it, at least for me. I was just cracking up in most cases. Here it is: [youtube]rEPYT_qvU1Y[/youtube]

  • Happy Birthday Mary Jane!

    Julie just gave birth to a baby girl earlier. 7 lbs. 6 oz. Her name… Mary Jane?!?! =p I’ll post pics as soon as I get them.

  • Four for Fighting

    This week has gone by fast. The usual twelve hours I spend for work makes it go by quick. To top it off, the extra three hours I put on top of Thursday nights makes that particular day very long for me. All in all, I’m greatful to be doing something than nothing. After just…

  • Photos From LV Uploaded

    I just got done fixing up and uploading the pics from LV this past weekend. They can be viewed over here.

  • Las Vegas Trip For Tony’s Team PI

    …album link