what the deal is?

sor­ry for not hav­ing to say a lot of stuff. might days have been pret­ty the same lately—nothin’ excit­ing or irri­tat­ing expe­ri­ence to grace the pres­ence of this blog. i’m pret­ty much still work­ing on get­ting the design/development deal with the vil­lage’s ecom­merce site… or just wait­ing for them to get their ish togeth­er. don’t know how long that will take but if it hap­pens, it hap­pens; if not, oh well. at least, i helped them a bit in get­ting orga­nized and get­ting their place tech-ed up… i hope.

so what do you do sher­win?” well, i have been wak­ing up pret­ty ear­ly lately…no kid­ding. i’ve been get­ting up around 9 or 10am. i guess i want­ed to real­ly get start­ed and crackin’ on fin­ish­ing this web­site tem­plate for 916xl.com—FINALLY!!! after almost two years of hav­ing a page say­ing “under revi­sion…,” i can final­ly put some­thing up decent. it ain’t noth­in’ big or what have you, but its “decent.”

i hope every­one is get­ting ready for this sum­mer. lots of road trip to be planned and executed…hopefully. i think i’ma roll up north (hope­ful­ly) with my bro and his gf, tania. she got accept­ed to SFSU for the fall. the thing is…she’ll only be stay­ing there for four months, if she gets accept­ed to CSFuller­ton for spring. why? cause SFSU was the only school she applied to for account­ing. she did­n’t think she was actu­al­ly going to get in, so she just said the hell with it and only applied to one school… oh well, that’s cool—i applied to three but only got in UCI; and i’m pret­ty damn hap­py that’s the only school i got in to because i would­n’t be writ­ing this, or mak­ing a blog site to keep in touch with y’alls.

unless it was a job as a graph­ic design, and/or web design­er-devel­op­er. i haven’t real­ly put myself in a per­spec­tive of being either one of those. i do dig­i­tal arts just for the love of it—like rex and music; like joes and hock­ey; like jevon and the lak­ers; like ai and “so…”; like juan and the charg­ers; like joe­ma­ma and …his hair?!; like tom­my and ani­me; like j.aranton and his bald head & sun­glass­es; like belle and her so-called “part-of-the-val­ley”, agoura hills; like ry and rockin’ it; like dean and bas­ket­ball; like bigs and ***fill in the blank***; bot­tom-line… its nat­ur­al.

ahhh… i want a “career” damn it! but hey, beg­gars can’t be choosers. but but but… it’s been sooooo long. i don’t whats wrong with this com­pa­nies. they want peo­ple who are expe­ri­enced but still lay off their vet­er­an workers—such crap­py econ­o­my and busi­ness prac­tices. so pleeeease pleeeease if you see any­thing that you think i can actu­al­ly get a call from…let me know—help a brotha out!

mean­while, on a brighter side of things, i saw xavier this past sat­ur­day down in SD. it was tim­i’s grad­u­a­tion from UCSD and she cel­e­brat­ed with lunch at buca in mira mesa. sor­ry, but i just have to say the road to SD is full of dumb dri­vers. they have wide free­ways and hel­la lanes, but peo­ple still are slow as f0k; no traf­fic whatsoever…they slow down before going up hill, and brake as soon as they climb up the hill—OMG WTF!!! any­ways, back to the top­ic of xavier, fari­da, timi, and their fam­i­ly & rel­a­tives… that was fun! i came with rex & ces, and got our grub on mmm mmm good.

well, i have an appoint­ment with anoth­er job agency down in lake for­est around 1:30pm.ish today. wish me luck—even though it’s just a temp agency; oh well, it’s some­thing to make my day vary. oh btw, i’ll pro­l­ly be up north some­time on the july 4th week­end. i think i’m rollin’ with my bro and his gf, tania; so she could see what and where things are near and far of SFSU. dang, more expens­es for me…yay =\ oh well—i hope to get some­thing rollin’ for the moment…

from my mind to yours, when things don’t go your way…it’s just a detour to anoth­er des­ti­na­tion

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