what the deal is?

sorry for not having to say a lot of stuff. might days have been pretty the same lately—nothin’ exciting or irritating experience to grace the presence of this blog. i’m pretty much still working on getting the design/development deal with the village’s ecommerce site… or just waiting for them to get their ish together. don’t know how long that will take but if it happens, it happens; if not, oh well. at least, i helped them a bit in getting organized and getting their place tech-ed up… i hope.

“so what do you do sherwin?” well, i have been waking up pretty early lately…no kidding. i’ve been getting up around 9 or 10am. i guess i wanted to really get started and crackin’ on finishing this website template for 916xl.com—FINALLY!!! after almost two years of having a page saying “under revision…,” i can finally put something up decent. it ain’t nothin’ big or what have you, but its “decent.”

i hope everyone is getting ready for this summer. lots of road trip to be planned and executed…hopefully. i think i’ma roll up north (hopefully) with my bro and his gf, tania. she got accepted to SFSU for the fall. the thing is…she’ll only be staying there for four months, if she gets accepted to CSFullerton for spring. why? cause SFSU was the only school she applied to for accounting. she didn’t think she was actually going to get in, so she just said the hell with it and only applied to one school… oh well, that’s cool—i applied to three but only got in UCI; and i’m pretty damn happy that’s the only school i got in to because i wouldn’t be writing this, or making a blog site to keep in touch with y’alls.

unless it was a job as a graphic design, and/or web designer-developer. i haven’t really put myself in a perspective of being either one of those. i do digital arts just for the love of it—like rex and music; like joes and hockey; like jevon and the lakers; like ai and “so…”; like juan and the chargers; like joemama and …his hair?!; like tommy and anime; like j.aranton and his bald head & sunglasses; like belle and her so-called “part-of-the-valley”, agoura hills; like ry and rockin’ it; like dean and basketball; like bigs and ***fill in the blank***; bottom-line… its natural.

ahhh… i want a “career” damn it! but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. but but but… it’s been sooooo long. i don’t whats wrong with this companies. they want people who are experienced but still lay off their veteran workers—such crappy economy and business practices. so pleeeease pleeeease if you see anything that you think i can actually get a call from…let me know—help a brotha out!

meanwhile, on a brighter side of things, i saw xavier this past saturday down in SD. it was timi’s graduation from UCSD and she celebrated with lunch at buca in mira mesa. sorry, but i just have to say the road to SD is full of dumb drivers. they have wide freeways and hella lanes, but people still are slow as f0k; no traffic whatsoever…they slow down before going up hill, and brake as soon as they climb up the hill—OMG WTF!!! anyways, back to the topic of xavier, farida, timi, and their family & relatives… that was fun! i came with rex & ces, and got our grub on mmm mmm good.

well, i have an appointment with another job agency down in lake forest around 1:30pm.ish today. wish me luck—even though it’s just a temp agency; oh well, it’s something to make my day vary. oh btw, i’ll prolly be up north sometime on the july 4th weekend. i think i’m rollin’ with my bro and his gf, tania; so she could see what and where things are near and far of SFSU. dang, more expenses for me…yay =\ oh well—i hope to get something rollin’ for the moment…

from my mind to yours, when things don’t go your way…it’s just a detour to another destination