my weekend started sunday night

i went back home-home to la la land around 11pm… boy oh boy—no traffic. what a surprise that was. for the past times i’ve gone home during that time period, thinking that there won’t be any traffic at all, i was met by the freakin’ road construction team; causing a detour to two or three other freeways—DAMN CALTRANS! DAMN CIVIL ENGINEERS! DAMN… (belle… haha jp). but yah, i got home in thirty minutes.

sometimes, getting to a destination too early isn’t all that. for instance, i got home early and had nothing to do: i wasn’t sleepy or anything; there was no cable tv (we have TFC 24/7 because of my grandma); and i’ve seen all the dvds that is to see at home. baaah, so i just ate a midnight snack and tried to get a food coma—which worked.

i was knocked out for almost half the day, and that was just from the food coma…wowsers. i hate when that happens, not the excuse of “missing half the day,” but missing breakfast and brunch haha. it’s always great to be at home, especially when my grandma cooks—daaaaaamn, like woah for my tummy.

well anyways, the ducks lost 3-0 to the devils. and as johnjohn said, joes was prolly saying “f0k the ducks.” it wasn’t even a close game, jersey dominated shots on goals most of the time. but yah, it always boggles me why hockey players wear shorts on the ice?! anyone else, …just a “thing that makes you go hmmmmm?”

meanwhile, happy bday to my sigep bros, rick L. and minh p., and a big congratulations to the class of 2003. party on doooooods! =p

from my mind to yours, breakfast is the most important meal of the day…so eat your wheaties!