my weekend started sunday night

i went back home-home to la la land around 11pm… boy oh boy—no traf­fic. what a sur­prise that was. for the past times i’ve gone home dur­ing that time peri­od, think­ing that there won’t be any traf­fic at all, i was met by the freakin’ road con­struc­tion team; caus­ing a detour to two or three oth­er freeways—DAMN CALTRANS! DAMN CIVIL ENGINEERS! DAMN… (belle… haha jp). but yah, i got home in thir­ty min­utes.

some­times, get­ting to a des­ti­na­tion too ear­ly isn’t all that. for instance, i got home ear­ly and had noth­ing to do: i was­n’t sleepy or any­thing; there was no cable tv (we have TFC 24/7 because of my grand­ma); and i’ve seen all the dvds that is to see at home. baaah, so i just ate a mid­night snack and tried to get a food coma—which worked.

i was knocked out for almost half the day, and that was just from the food coma…wowsers. i hate when that hap­pens, not the excuse of “miss­ing half the day,” but miss­ing break­fast and brunch haha. it’s always great to be at home, espe­cial­ly when my grand­ma cooks—daaaaaamn, like woah for my tum­my.

well any­ways, the ducks lost 3–0 to the dev­ils. and as john­john said, joes was pro­l­ly say­ing “f0k the ducks.” it was­n’t even a close game, jer­sey dom­i­nat­ed shots on goals most of the time. but yah, it always bog­gles me why hock­ey play­ers wear shorts on the ice?! any­one else, …just a “thing that makes you go hmm­m­mm?”

mean­while, hap­py bday to my sigep bros, rick L. and minh p., and a big con­grat­u­la­tions to the class of 2003. par­ty on doooooods! =p

from my mind to yours, break­fast is the most impor­tant meal of the day…so eat your wheaties!