the true-untold vegas story: part deux

… (continued from the true-untold vegas story)…

Sunday, 3/9 midnight.ish
…when hiphop played…the room broke out all into the dance floor. like bees and the scent of honey; or… like 161 hearthstone drooling over the site of shakira on mtv—shaking that ass like glass, all smooth and movin like a field of grass…woooord up!

but back to the story… so everyone started heading on to the dance floor and got jiggy with it. then, being a group with 2:1 guy to girl ratio… jovan, j.Flo, and puvic went to galavant. what they saw…were a couple of girls…w/ their mom haha.

it was just funny…freakin’ puvic (or was it jeff, err…was it both haha) trying to get shibby with the mom lol. its one of those things that you just try to think and say quietly to yourself, but end up saying something like…”WTF?!” too loud. another thing to compare the moment to, is when you see a hot girl that you have to do that double-take…and say…”DAAAAAAMN!” but this isn’t exactly that, its the direct opposite x10. you just straight say, “EWWWWW!” haha.

it’s all good though, good times. the funniest pic that i think represented the whole night of fun is the one, i would call, “ooglie mooglie per puvic.” i guess it was one of those situations when the light was dim, and consumption of alcohol was too high—well, very very high for puvic in this instance =).

ooglie mooglie per puvic

…but it’s all good, i ain’t trying to hate—cause that brotha has a lot of balls that i know most people wished they had. remember that saying, “don’t hate the playa, hate the game”…well for puvic it’s about the same, it’s “don’t hate puvic, hate the game”—he is in his own class.

Sunday, 3/9 4am.ish
so the club dies down, and we get out of there around 4am-ish. we decided to get some early morning grub from the orleans casino. why eat at four in the morning? you ask… because it’s vegas, and food is hella cheap; and when i say “cheap”—cheap like $1.99 for t-bone steak and egg meal.

it’s one of their graveyard breakfast specialty i guess. but ordering the steak and eggs was too much for me to grub down since i wanted to knock out after we get back. so i picked the two eggs, two sausages, and hashbrown meal for $0.99. i swear, i was expecting crappy food for that price…but to my surprise, it was pretty fillin’ and good. this is probably our new hangout spot after clubbing in vegas.

Sunday, 3/9 6.30am.ish
meanwhile, getting back from eating breakfast…we saw the sun come up around 6:30am as we were parking back at aladdin. we just knocked out after that. waking up around 10am because of checkout, we started viewing the pics that everyone took and stuff while we waited for everyone to get ready. glancing at the room, we noticed that cecily, jon, joemama, and jevon are not back yet from cheetah’s?! later on we found out that they have crashed at chris and jay’s room at imperial palace; and that they didn’t finish their galavanting till 9am haha—sooooorry big bucks.

Sunday, 3/9 noon.ish
being hungry and all, we all (twenty or so of us) left to meet up at main st. casino one of their hawaiian restaurants; which served one of the best teriyaki chicken bowls in LV. mmm mmm good! i would have to say it was better than L&L or the loft; the portions were much bigger but for the same price. so after our lunch, we all parted—some left around 1pm, another left at 1:30pm, and most of us at 2pm.

Sunday, 3/9 2.30pm.ish
i drove jevon’s car back to OC since that foo was really really tired and pretty much, just looked and felt like crap—i guess it was just too much t&a up on his face haha =p. it was jevon, joemama, mike d. and i in ultra-nice accord =). we got a call from mike a. around 2:30pm about three big accidents near baker, one of the major ones that cause the other was the one involving two tour buses. it involved more than a hundred being seriously injured. it pretty much halted the interstate-15 south for 20 miles, and for a period of about five-seven hours. i would have to say, experiencing that accident first-hand…any traffic (whether it be bay area/LA) is nothing compared to it. also, that was the longest vegas drive home i’ve eeeeever been in. the bottom line however, there was no fatality—which is really really good concerning that it was two big, tour buses. here’s some pics around 5pm-ish…this is ten miles away from baker where the accident was somewhat located…

for three or so hours, we were on a complete halt. everyone just got out of their vehicles and conversed with the cars next to them. but for us, we were on a mission. a mission that was orchestrated by jevon/joemama; to find hot girls in bikinis haha. so we were pretty much bored, i guess the highlight of the three hours we were in the middle of no where…was our trek to find a spot to pee at. just imagine, all those people out in the desert trying to claim their territory. good times.

Sunday, 3/9 9.30pm.ish
after clearing the traffic/accident site around 9:30pm-ish…we stopped over at burger king at east main st. in barstow; and jevon drove the rest of the way back. i don’t want to ruin his adventure, so just read it for yourself at his blog entry “15 minutes of sleep”.

all-in-all my friends, it doesn’t matter where you go in life as long as you have people you have fun with, and care for along for the ride. it doesn’t matter if it’s like a roller coaster ride, because you’re not the only one riding it; nor the only one experiencing the thrills of the loops, and sharp turns the it gives us. ahhh life…it’s so full of surprises, one thing we can do to get through it is laugh along with our family and friends…and get lap dances till 9am at club cheetah’s!!!

from my mind to yours, fly to vegas!