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  • What a Memorial Day For Sure

    I thought she was kidding when Belle told us she’s a Civil/Traffic Engineer for the City of Los Angeles. Again jp haha… at least get a new backpack: [She] sits facing an inner ring of computers with her hand on a mouse. Her hair is in a ponytail, her beat-up backpack lies next to her,…

  • 80 on Fastrak

    This is how I-80W going to San Francisco looks like on a rainy, Saturday night with Fastrak. Saves A LOT of time to cross the toll plaza. You gotta love it!

  • the true-untold vegas story: part deux

    … (continued from the true-untold vegas story)… Sunday, 3/9 midnight.ish …when hiphop played…the room broke out all into the dance floor. like bees and the scent of honey; or… like 161 hearthstone drooling over the site of shakira on mtv—shaking that ass like glass, all smooth and movin like a field of grass…woooord up! but…