the true-untold vegas story…about…our recent vegas trip

here it is! a groove slightly transformed, brought from the norm… well, if you have been through the 916xL webring or sites linked through the group of friends i hold dear… you probably heard how the jeff’s-bday-vegas-trip was. now what you are about to hear is somewhat the same, and somewhat—untold! =p…or something like that—just trying to be entertaining there for a second.

due to the scarcity of green in my world, and the long hours at work i really need to do, i wasn’t able to leave friday afternoon as most of the group have done. why, you ask? pretty-much, my assignment with my current company will only last for about two more weeks; therefore, i need to get/work the most hours i can…no exception since rent, utils, and extra bills have to be paid w/in the next two weeks. but back to the adventure…

Saturday, 3/8 9am.ish
so being the EARLY BIRD that i am =p…i woke up at 9am on a SATURDAY trying to pack, get ready, and go to rattan to meet up with our caravan peeps. the caravan/carpool i rode with were “SHUT-UP!” joemama, “ROCK IT!” ryan, “L-Train” lavarro, “AGOURA” belle, “TINZer” cartagena, and… jevon =p (look jevon smilie haha). YOU THE MAN! =] anyways, as i was saying… we were suppose to leave OC around 10am. however, due to the slavish hours and hours of work that tinz was put under… we left around 11:30ish or so; but hey…whose complaining—our carpool group didn’t have a lot of money anyways to spend in sin city.

the trip was short—for some reason. maybe it was the fact that tinz and i fell asleep and left jevon driving to the sound of alternative music (i.e. all american rejects—swing swing). don’t know what it was, i was freakin’ tired after we got on the 15-north for some reason. i guess the scenery was just boring—it was just straight up suburbs. one thing i noticed that woke me up though… i think it was the part were we where at norco—freakin’ cow-dung city of socal.

meanwhile, waking up after taking semi-naps along the way to vegas. i noticed that caltrans put up a divider on the 15 after the barstow area (well, that’s where i saw it first after waking up). i think it just made the drive somewhat interesting. it just reminded me of an old nintendo game, forgot what it was—but it was the same…only 2-3 lanes wide and always (most of the time) going straight. but yah, it was just weird seeing that white middle-divider—i guess its been awhile since i’ve driver to vegas.

Saturday, 3/8 5pm.ish

vegas baby, VEGAS! we got there and exited to the chevron gas station at LV blvd. around 5pm. and started to head on to the aladdin—where EVERYONE and their mama are staying at. i meant this because there was prolly about 20+ people packed in like sardines in that mug. thanks to j.Flo for getting the room even though it was his bday. props man. the only thing i forgot to bring was my sleeping bag, which was in jevon’s trunk. crap!…so i had to sleep on those stanky ass hotel-comforters—who knows where those have been.

Saturday, 3/8 6.30pm.ish
off to the SPICE MARKET BUFFET?! $21+ for such good food. this buffet would probably be one of the top3 buffets in vegas i’ve ever eaten at…they rank:

  1. Bellagio ($28/dinner)
  2. Rio ($18/lunch)
  3. Aladdin ($21/dinner)

what i like about the one at aladdin was the lighting (not too dark and not to bright), and the selection. i would say that 90% of the food that was out there were pretty damn good—enough for 2 rounds if you know what i mean. but 2 rounds for each food proved to be too hard for everyone that i went to eat dinner with. the “ROCKERS” that “ROCKED IT” were: joemama, belle, lou, tinz, and i; the place, was the restroom in the buffet =p. don’t hate…we just trying to get our $21-worth. was it worth it?—hell yes…enough for a second operation dumbo drop after leaving the buffet.

Saturday 3/8 9pm.ish

after spending a handful of time at the buffet…we pretty much felt like chillin’ and takin’ it easy at the room; and maybe even take a nap. but that didn’t happen… it was already get-ready/pre-party time for everyone. the target: monte carlo’s “the brewery”…eta: about 11pm.ish—just about when the party hits its peek. but man…oh man…we were wrong about the time.

when we rolled up to da club, we thought that it was already a… “club”; but there was still a band playing. it was coo though. they can play pretty damn good. the band rocked songs from the 70s-and-on. the only thing i think that everyone was waiting for—was the band’s final song; which came about 12.30ish. and then, the dj spinned the record…

…to be continued (on the true-untold vegas story: part deux)…