the true-untold vegas story…about…our recent vegas trip

here it is! a groove slight­ly trans­formed, brought from the norm… well, if you have been through the 916xL webring or sites linked through the group of friends i hold dear… you prob­a­bly heard how the jef­f’s-bday-vegas-trip was. now what you are about to hear is some­what the same, and somewhat—untold! =p…or some­thing like that—just try­ing to be enter­tain­ing there for a sec­ond.

due to the scarci­ty of green in my world, and the long hours at work i real­ly need to do, i was­n’t able to leave fri­day after­noon as most of the group have done. why, you ask? pret­ty-much, my assign­ment with my cur­rent com­pa­ny will only last for about two more weeks; there­fore, i need to get/work the most hours i can…no excep­tion since rent, utils, and extra bills have to be paid w/in the next two weeks. but back to the adven­ture…

Sat­ur­day, 3/8 9am.ish
so being the EARLY BIRD that i am =p…i woke up at 9am on a SATURDAY try­ing to pack, get ready, and go to rat­tan to meet up with our car­a­van peeps. the caravan/carpool i rode with were “SHUT-UP!” joe­ma­ma, “ROCK IT!” ryan, “L‑Train” lavar­ro, “AGOURA” belle, “TINZ­er” carta­ge­na, and… jevon =p (look jevon smi­lie haha). YOU THE MAN! =] any­ways, as i was say­ing… we were sup­pose to leave OC around 10am. how­ev­er, due to the slav­ish hours and hours of work that tinz was put under… we left around 11:30ish or so; but hey…whose complaining—our car­pool group did­n’t have a lot of mon­ey any­ways to spend in sin city.

the trip was short—for some rea­son. maybe it was the fact that tinz and i fell asleep and left jevon dri­ving to the sound of alter­na­tive music (i.e. all amer­i­can rejects—swing swing). don’t know what it was, i was freakin’ tired after we got on the 15-north for some rea­son. i guess the scenery was just boring—it was just straight up sub­urbs. one thing i noticed that woke me up though… i think it was the part were we where at norco—freakin’ cow-dung city of socal.

mean­while, wak­ing up after tak­ing semi-naps along the way to vegas. i noticed that cal­trans put up a divider on the 15 after the barstow area (well, that’s where i saw it first after wak­ing up). i think it just made the dri­ve some­what inter­est­ing. it just remind­ed me of an old nin­ten­do game, for­got what it was—but it was the same…only 2–3 lanes wide and always (most of the time) going straight. but yah, it was just weird see­ing that white middle-divider—i guess its been awhile since i’ve dri­ver to vegas.

Sat­ur­day, 3/8 5pm.ish

vegas baby, VEGAS! we got there and exit­ed to the chevron gas sta­tion at LV blvd. around 5pm. and start­ed to head on to the aladdin—where EVERYONE and their mama are stay­ing at. i meant this because there was pro­l­ly about 20+ peo­ple packed in like sar­dines in that mug. thanks to j.Flo for get­ting the room even though it was his bday. props man. the only thing i for­got to bring was my sleep­ing bag, which was in jevon’s trunk. crap!…so i had to sleep on those stanky ass hotel-comforters—who knows where those have been.

Sat­ur­day, 3/8 6.30pm.ish
off to the SPICE MARKET BUFFET?! $21+ for such good food. this buf­fet would prob­a­bly be one of the top3 buf­fets in vegas i’ve ever eat­en at…they rank:

  1. Bel­la­gio ($28/dinner)
  2. Rio ($18/lunch)
  3. Aladdin ($21/dinner)

what i like about the one at aladdin was the light­ing (not too dark and not to bright), and the selec­tion. i would say that 90% of the food that was out there were pret­ty damn good—enough for 2 rounds if you know what i mean. but 2 rounds for each food proved to be too hard for every­one that i went to eat din­ner with. the “ROCKERS” that “ROCKED IT” were: joe­ma­ma, belle, lou, tinz, and i; the place, was the restroom in the buf­fet =p. don’t hate…we just try­ing to get our $21-worth. was it worth it?—hell yes…enough for a sec­ond oper­a­tion dum­bo drop after leav­ing the buf­fet.

Sat­ur­day 3/8 9pm.ish

after spend­ing a hand­ful of time at the buffet…we pret­ty much felt like chill­in’ and takin’ it easy at the room; and maybe even take a nap. but that did­n’t hap­pen… it was already get-ready/pre-par­ty time for every­one. the tar­get: monte car­lo’s “the brew­ery”…eta: about 11pm.ish—just about when the par­ty hits its peek. but man…oh man…we were wrong about the time.

when we rolled up to da club, we thought that it was already a… “club”; but there was still a band play­ing. it was coo though. they can play pret­ty damn good. the band rocked songs from the 70s-and-on. the only thing i think that every­one was wait­ing for—was the band’s final song; which came about 12.30ish. and then, the dj spinned the record…

…to be con­tin­ued (on the true-untold vegas sto­ry: part deux)…