the trade

i have had my emerald green, toyota 98 camry LE for about five years. since it is the almost the end of the year, and the fact that most great deals on cars occur during the holidays—it was time to trade it back in. the day was saturday afternoon…supposedly at norwalk toyota, where we got it at. so i woke up after gallivanting with G, dean, jeff, ed, vic, and grumpy…i mean jevon =p (look smilie). we went to hermosa beach btw; patrick’s was the bar/club/spot were we all got faded haha. anyways, i was suppose to go see some all-star bball at banning HS….but i guess i hit snooze or the off-button at 9:30am, and just didn’t wake up till 11am—which was tip-off already.

so i called my moms on the cellie and just asked what the game plan is. i said, “hey ma”…she replied, “watup?!” haha. while still “waking up” i really don’t know what she was saying. then i asked her what time we meeting up at norwalk, and she replied with something along the lines of meeting up at VAN NUYS?! daaaaamn, that’s a lot of area codes to travel. instead of being a friggin’ 15-20 minute drive, it became a 40-50 minute one. that meant more mileage to add to the 2,000 miles i already have over 60k; which is more money to pay the dealers—great one ma =\

meanwhile, i go to the auto mall up in the valley (van nuys blvd.). i was going into the trading-in thing to get either a 2002 camry or accord. i was diggin’ the 2002 accord because of its low-profile rather than the camry’s bulky body/chassis. so we met up with the toyota dealer, and asked directly for the 2002 camrys; she led us to the lot. $24k+ for the SE—which looked pretty cool. however, for some reason, i wanted something that looks like a car and not a breed between a car and a minivan.

at miller honda, we asked for the 2002 accord… freakin’ dealer said that they don’t have anymore—too bad for me =p so he pointed to the freakin’ 2003 accord EX. it was kinda what i was looking for—a silver paint with a sun/moon-roof. when we opened the door, guess what… leather seats with a 6-CD changer bling bling! …from that moment on, i was sold; it was just the matter of my mom and aunt wanting to get it.

after hours and hours of bargaining, and doing paper-work… our 3pm-8pm car trade-in escapade was finally over. here’s my NEW ride:

from my mind to yours… sometimes when the dealer lies about not having anymore of a particular car batch, it works in your favor haha =p